DIY Cereal Bird Feeder

Being that February is National Bird-Feeding Month, I thought we’d make and share a few homemade, bird feeders with you over the next few weeks! This DIY CEREAL BIRD FEEDER may be the quickest and easiest one to make! I remember making similar ones when I was in grade school. So cute!






Materials needed:

  • pipe cleaners (or other thin wire)
  • O-shaped cereal (non-sugary)
  • ribbon



First, bend the wire in half gently, making a V-shape.



Have your little ones string the cereal onto the wire, as you would with beads. Leave about 1/2 – 1 inch of the wire showing at the ends.





Twist the ends together and shape into a heart.





Tie some ribbon in the middle of your bird feeders and hang them outside for the birds!





Notice the hearts are rather light, so hang them up in a bush or against a tree trunk…someplace protected from the wind. Enjoy!



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