Pajama Walks & Dandelion Walks

A couple years ago, our family started going on “Pajama Walks” during the warmer months of the year. They’re not something we do on a daily basis, but maybe once every couple of weeks. Pajama walks are perfect for nights when the kids have been really good, dinner was on the early side, and you want to do something special to end your perfect day. They’re also great on days which have been a complete disaster, as your last hope to turn the day around! Or maybe on rainy days when the clouds part and the sun decides to come out just before it sets…


Basically, you eat dinner, give the kids a bath, and instead of reading a bedtime story, you take a stroll around the block. You sing songs, talk about your day, watch the moon come out, and unwind as a family.


Over the past few weeks our pajama walks have morphed into something beautiful: “Dandelion Walks.” While on our walks, L started picking dandelions and other pretty weeds like all kids do. She then started leaving them on people’s doorsteps, in their mailboxes, and even gave a dandelion to a neighbor’s cat napping on their patio.



So now on our pajama walks, the kids pick flowers for one block and share them for three. The neighbors might not even notice and the girls know this, but it makes them happy leaving these little surprise gifts of sunshine all the same.



I’ve always told our girls, “Dandelions are where the sun kisses the earth when it rises in the morning.” And it’s true.


To inspire your kids further, I highly recommend the book “Sidewalk Flowers” by poet JonArno Lawson and illustrator Sydney Smith. It’s one of our favorites!


Warm and Fuzzy Jar

I don’t know about you, but sometimes we seem to be in a funk around Our Beautifully Messy House…everything seems to be going wrong. L and I butt heads non-stop, she ends up sitting in timeout repeatedly, I get frustrated and burn lunch, we start a fun activity and within seconds there’s crying, it doesn’t seem to end!!! Sometimes the funk lasts just a few hours and other times it seems to last days. The best way I’ve found to turn things around is to bring out our WARM AND FUZZY JAR. (Truthfully, L calls it her “Poof Ball Jar.” Ha!) Whatever you call it, the jar can instantly turn a bad day into a good day.

The principle is pretty simple: every time L does something good she gets a “warm and fuzzy” (poof ball) to put into her jar. Once the jar is filled to the top, she gets a treat…a trip to the ice-cream shop, to play in the sprinkler, a trip to the library, or, as we did this week, she got to build a gingerbread house. All these things would be fine to do randomly on their own, but not necessarily on a day that L has been acting out repeatedly. The WARM AND FUZZY JAR reinforces good behavior, diminishes bad behavior and is fun for the kids!

 Some of the things L does to earn “warm and fuzzies” include: putting away the silverware for me, playing nicely with her sister, quietly looking at books, helping at the grocery store putting things in and out of the cart, saying “please” and “thank you,” and using the potty (we’re in the process of potty-training). We don’t use our WARM AND FUZZY JAR continuously…maybe just for a week or so…but when things start getting crazy, I pull it out again and turn the bad days into good ones! If you have multiple kids, each one could have a jar to fill.

Try it out! Let us know if it works for you!